Colourful décor that’s good for the planet! Unique recycled polypropylene mats

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Looking for décor that stands out from the crowd? Our distinctive polypropylene mats are versatile, durable and stylish enough to add flair to your home or a practical floor covering to your classroom, hall or office. Our unique designs are made from 100% recycled materials like car tyres and PET drink bottles, making them hard wearing, comfortable and good for the planet. Featuring original reversible multicultural motifs, there’s no limit to the potential uses of these beautiful indoor/outdoor mats.

Recycled floor mats with flair

Our colourful Maori, Polynesian and Aboriginal design mats are superbly soft underfoot, while being mould resistant, washable and quick drying. They make a handy alternative to carpet in high traffic areas and are light weight enough for easy transportation and storage. Polypropylene mats are ideal for camping, sports events or festival seating. Use one to mark out a space for your market stall—or carry a portable lunch spot on your school excursion. Our incredible rugs and runners can be used indoors or outdoors as totally eco-friendly, washable childcare mats, welcome mats or backyard play mats.

Buy our versatile polypropylene mats today for décor that stands out from the crowd, benefits the planet and is made to last!



  •  "I received my beautiful mat today. It is going to be the envy of all the      other teachers at my school. I am SO impressed with your outstanding service  and beautiful products. My little Kindergarten/ Year One students, will love our  deadly new classroom mat! Thank you so much" Erin
  • "Congratulations, I have purchased 5 of your mats so far, love each one of them, everyone only has wonderful comments on them & their use is so versatile from the living room floor, patio, beach & kids parties have been a real hit & looks like my family are receiving them for Christmas this year. Glad your idea has become your dream & thanks for giving us mob cultural items to be proud of :) Every success in the future, thanks" Brigette

    "Thank you so much I love love love my come in for a yarn mat it takes pride of place at my front door... Everyone who has come round absolutely loves it & will be placing orders next year... My mother in law received her's Xmas eve & was straight on the phone thanking us for it... Thanks again very happy customer here & will be buying more 4 family gifts in the new year... Happy Holidays" Hannah

    "I just love the way indigenous and non indigenous people can enjoy something together. My children were bought up to not look at differences, to care for everyone. I am so looking forward to getting these Indigenous mats for Christmas presents. Thank you" Donna

    "I received my beautiful mat today. It is going to be the envy of all the other teachers at my school. I am SO impressed with your outstanding service and beautiful products. My little Kindergarten/ Year One students, will love our deadly new classroom mat! Thank you so much" Erin

    "We purchased our Recycled Mats/Global Kids Oz mats at the 2011 Mobile Meet because we were looking for something that was easy to clean, long lasting. They have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly, made from recycled plastic and they look fantastic too!! We have been amazed at the response from parents. Everywhere we go they are asking where they can get some mats like ours. They think they would make wonderful picnic mats for the family. We have circulated your details at each of our sessions. Thanks a million." Jane 

    Thank you letter from Blayney Preschool - winner of our first birthday Siapo play mat prize....."It is with pleasure that we accept a Pacific Island Siapo play mat. It is a wonderful mat and a fabulous way that we can enrich multiculturalism in our Preschool environment, yet still be functional and appealing to the eye. We look forward to using the mat in the classroom next year and are excited about the possibilities if may offer us to introduce discussion and other activities in to our program around many themes including other cultures, patterns and designs and the environment (as the mat is made of recyclable materials). Thanks again for making our Preschool a little brighter!" Kind regards" Carolyn Dowler, Director 

    "Best mat EVER! Our family loves our recycled mat. We take it to the beach, use it at home for movie nights and out in the park on lazy Sunday afternoons. The mat is super light so we can take it anywhere and it's so easy to clean: we just hose it off because it's plastic! It's wonderful to have a product, that not only adds value to our family life, but is cultural, environmentally friendly and fair trade approved." Kelly 

    "Kia ora JJ thank u so much my mat arrived today and what a pleasant suprise that was!!! Very happy customer here no doubt u will hear from me about another one until our house renovations are done and then put one in the back area. Thanks again and a have a gud day" Tekahurangi Hepi 






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